While there is no requirement with doTerra to purchase each month or place an order of any certain amount, there is an optional program called the "LoyaltyRewards Program".  This is like "frequent flyer points" where you can accumulate points for free products.    


Basically, in a nutshell:

In the LRP program you will accumulate points for free oils. 

In months 1-3,  you will earn 10% back on any order of 50pv or more.

If your order is 50 pv or above for three months, you will advance to 15% back.

Every three months that your order is > 50pv, you will advance percentage back by 5% (i.e. months 7-9 you will get 20% back, months 9-12 you will get 25% back, andby the end of a year, if you have placed a 50pv order each month (which you will be doing if you order the supplements), you will be getting 30% back in free product credits.  That's like $30 for every $100 you spend!

I have redeemed a few thousand dollars worth of free stuff! Now that I'm at the 30% back level, my points accumulate really fast!

In order to maintain your points you just have to place an order for any amount.  It could be simply a $10 bottle of lemon oil, or a $5 lip balm.

Other benefits of participating in the LRP program:

*In any given month that your LRP order is 125pv or more, you will automatically receive the FREE OIL OF THE MONTH!

*In any given month that your order is over 100pv on the LRP program, you are eligible to earn commissions (even simply by sending someone to your retail website, which automatically comes with your wholesale membership.  Ask me if interested in learning more about this.

You are never in any way obligated to represent the company or share the oils, but many people who start using them fall in love and wind up sharing them naturally with friends and then discover that it is pretty easy to at least get your own oils paid for by sharing them with people.  If you choose to pursue the fantastic business opportunity, I am here to train and support you.  Again, there will never be any pressure to do so.  I just want to make sure you know that this option is there should you ever be interested.

There are a few other easy ways that you can get your oils paid for that I am happy to share with you if you'd ever like to hear about that opportunity.



Here is a video that explains the whole thing really clearly and concisely: